We're not just here to make speakers. We're here to make listening easy.

At Dio, we’re excited about the power of audio. With audio, you can connect to the world without ever having to spare your eyes, your attention, or even your time. You can listen in the shower, listen while driving, listen alongside chores…really, you can listen anywhere, at any time, and with anyone. And at Dio, we’ve finally made it simple to unlock the full power of audio by giving you the ability to listen in one place or many, through one speaker or many, all in an affordable and easy way.


Our mission is to make it easy to listen, which is why our products are affordable, simple, and empowering. Dio started from the idea that even the simplest speakers should be able to connect together wirelessly. With our products, you can tailor your listening experience to your personal routine, your household, and your favorite content.


Audio anywhere you need it. Most current speaker solutions assume you’re listening in only one place, but we want to offer a better way to listen. We’re working toward a future where a speaker stops being the single focal point for all of your audio playback and instead becomes one of many access points in your life to the content you love.

Our Story


Founder Akarsh Vinod starts getting into podcasts and audiobooks

Bluetooth Frustration

Frustrated with the limitations of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, Akarsh searches for a better way to listen

Audio Solution

Akarsh gets tired of searching and starts to think up what he'd want to see in an audio solution

November 2019
UCLA Anderson’s Product Innovation Challenge

Akarsh forms a team to enter UCLA Anderson’s Product Innovation Challenge with an idea to put sound anywhere in your home and makes it to the finals

April 2020
First Prototype

Dio’s first concept prototype is made from a Raspberry Pi and a speaker

October 2020
Concept Sketches

First concept sketches of the Dio Node are made

December 2020
Website Launch

Dio's website goes live

January 2021
Apple Partnership

Dio partners with Apple to build the first affordable AirPlay-2 speakers

February 2021
Mailing List Milestone

Dio gets its first 200 mailing list subscribers

August 2021
Product Development Launch

Product development of the Dio Node is kicked off with our manufacturing partner

November 2021
First Production Samples

The first production samples of the Dio Node arrive

January 2022
Final Production Samples

Dio Node’s final production samples arrive, beta testing begins, and the manufacturing design is finalized

April 2022
Indiegogo Launch

The Dio Node Indiegogo Campaign ran for a month and a half, selling over 450 speakers and surpassing our funding goal by 150%

Fall 2022
Dio Node Released

First shipment of Dio Nodes sent out to customers

Our Values

1. Be a Customer – If we don’t want to use our products, why should our customers? We always put customer needs first by being our own guinea pigs.

2. Fail Fast, Not Hard – We experiment, see what works, and pivot if it doesn’t. Leave the rabbit hole to Alice.

3. Refine the Idea – We want Dio’s products to make listening easy and accessible for everyone, so no matter what changes and decisions we make we’re moving closer to our mission.

4. Committed Work, Not a Committed Life – We put tons of energy and effort into Dio, but audio is just one part of our lives. We’re here to sell our customers a great product, not a lifestyle.

5. Have Fun and Learn – Audio doesn’t have to be so serious, and neither do we. We want to make customers happy and have fun doing it!

Meet the Founder

Akarsh Vinod

Founder, CEO

Hi, I'm Akarsh: drummer, board game enthusiast, and the world's biggest Lord of the Rings fan! As a musician and an avid podcast and audiobook listener, I've always loved all things audio. So when I realized there wasn't an easy way to listen to my favorite things all over the home, I knew I had to create the perfect solution. With years of experience in product development, manufacturing, and supply chain in the consumer electronics and automotive industries, I decided to apply my skillset to create the world's easiest to use, most affordable, and most robust multi-room speaker: the Dio Node.