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Dio: A Home Audio System That’s Private AND Smart

“Smart home” and “smart speakers” have become big buzzwords nowadays, but what do they really mean? They’ve become synonymous with voice assistants and 5G-internet. However, when it comes to setting up a home audio system that you can control at your fingertips, you really don’t need either. In fact, I’ll posit that having a microphone-free, completely network secure audio system is the smartest of all. So at Dio, we made privacy and security our focus by making speakers that require neither voice assistants nor the internet. How did we work this magic? Read on to find out!

Designing for Your Home: How We Made Dio Node Fit for You

We like to call ourselves the “simplest multi-room speakers out there”, but what does “simple” actually mean? Through my entrepreneurial journey with Dio, I’ve learned that when designing a product you need to think beyond just the features of the product to the overarching experience and context for the user. For Dio Node, being simple means easily fitting in to you home and lifestyle from the moment the box arrives at your door.

Dio Node: A Speaker That Does It All

This week marks just 6 weeks until we launch our Indiegogo campaign for Dio Node! As such, I thought I’d kick off our 6-week countdown by discussing my thoughts around multi-room audio and the need for a versatile listening experience. So many people have so many varying ways they use audio, and it gets more complex the more members you have in a household. So what exactly does versatility mean for us with the Dio Node? It means having the ability to truly just, well, listen. Listen the way you want to, where you want to, and with whomever you want to. Unlike other audio solutions on the market, Dio Node is a speaker that can really do everything, and here’s how.

Our Latest (and Final) Production Samples!

This week, we received our latest production samples from our manufacturer. This is our last set of samples before finalizing Dio Node’s design, which means we’ll soon be headed straight into preparation for mass production! It will still take a few months before Dio is fully ready to ship to customers, but we’re at the final stretch! Today, I thought I would do a quick review of the sample design and what the final Dio Node will be like.

3 Audio Predictions for 2022

Let’s face it, 2021 was a rough year. Covid-19’s delta and omicron variants continued to ravage the world, Nintendo Switches and PS5s were still barely available by Christmas, and Taylor Swift had to relive her trauma with Jake Gyllenhaal just to bring us some new music. Ever the optimist, I think 2022 is the year we’ll finally see the world returning to some level of normalcy, with people returning to the office and global travel slowly reopening. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to start the new year by giving my non-expert opinion on what we should expect to look forward to this coming year in audio.

Why Dio is Different

Our brand is all about one word: simple. And while it may be a simple word (pun intended!), it’s a very meaningful one, too. When I look at the landscape of established speaker companies today, I see a lot of brands that are competing on cutting edge acoustics while marketing intense audio lifestyles. It’s hard for me to imagine that the average household is living the kind of life on a daily basis that those speaker ads show: having huge, loud beach parties on what I presume to be a weekday morning by how uncrowded the rest of the beach looks, sitting on the couch on a sunny weekend getting immersed in music for hours and doing nothing else, or setting up your home with a futuristic-looking speaker being the centerpiece on every table in every room without clashing with your home decor. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think these products are incredibly well-designed and aesthetically beautiful, but I can’t help but feel that they are designed to sell you a lifestyle rather than designed for your lifestyle.

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