The World's Easiest, Most Affordable, and Most Versatile Home Audio System That Takes Less Than 1 Minute to Set Up

Dio Node is the easiest way to listen to audio across your home. Play any audio directly from your iPhone to any number of speakers. And did we mention it’s incredibly affordable?

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Put a speaker in every corner.

We started Dio to make home audio simple. And now, it finally is. Just play anything from your phone to any number of speakers in your home. It's that simple.

From the community.

As simple as it gets.

Easy set-up takes less than 1 minute

No extra pairing - anyone can play with a tap

Designed to fit any decor

No app required to use

Play anything at your fingertips.

Alexa can't play your favorite apps? Dio can play anything.

We don't limit you to only a few apps. Our speakers can play anything directly from your devices.

Exploded view of Dio speaker showcasing simplicity of product

You're the only one listening.

No microphones. No voice assistants. Just a simple speaker.

Have the comfort of enjoying your audio everywhere without anything listening back.

Hear what you've been missing.

Dio Node is lossless, which means we sound clearer than any Bluetooth speaker out there. Instead of Bluetooth, we use next generation Wi-Fi technology that makes sure audio quality is never lost during transmission.

Bottom line: we sound perfect.

Two different people controlling Dio Node speakers at the same time

Share the love.

Not feeling your roommate's podcast? Then just play your own in another room. It’s easy for multiple people in your home to use your Nodes - even at the same time.

Play it safe.

We designed Dio Node with network security in mind. We play audio directly from your iPhone - without connecting to the internet.

Designed to fit in.

What should Dio look like in your home? You decide! We designed the Node to fit in with your home decor, not to be the centerpiece of it.

The neutral gray color was designed to fit in with the whites, blacks, and woods of your home decor
The 4x4” square form factor can be tucked into any corner or displayed beautifully on a shelf
The 5-foot long power cable means you can plug in farther from your wall sockets

We play well with others.

Already have an audio setup for your home? Dio Node will fit right in. The speakers work great with other audio devices, even if they’re from different brands.

Dio speaker in front of Bose and Sonos speaker on wooden blocks

Shop with confidence.

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Dio Node

Simple. Affordable. Flexible.

The simplest, most affordable, and most versatile multi-room speaker on the market.

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Please Note: This product is designed for iOS devices. Functionality is limited on Android and other devices.

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