Dio Node

Firmware Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for all Dio Node firmware changes.

Firmware Release Notes:

Status: Major Bug Fixes

What We Improved:

  • We made the setup process much easier and fully reliable! It now follows the method described in the user manual.
  • Fixed an issue where Dio Node may disappear from the AirPlay menu after a long period of unuse.
  • Fixed an issue where Dio Node may suddenly disconnect from your Wi-Fi network.
  • Fixed an issue where Dio Node may suddenly disconnect from AirPlay while playing.
  • Fixed an issue where Dio Node does not play any audio while connected and is stuck with a blue light steadily on.
  • Fixed an issue where the speaker may get stuck with the lights cycling if unplugged in the middle of a firmware update.
  • Improved the stability of the audio connection.
  • General improvements to stability, security, and performance of the speaker.

Please note:
This update will reset your speaker. After the update, the speaker light will begin blinking red. You will need to set up the speaker again by following the instructions found in your user manual

Status: Minor Bug Fixes

What We Improved:

  • Fixed an issue where the volume buttons would inconsistently change volume levels across all speakers

Status: Quality of Life

What We Improved:

  • This is the original firmware version at launch of Dio Node
How to Update your Dio Node:

Before you Begin 

    • Please connect your Dio Node to a reliable power source and make sure it is fully booted up.
    • Please make sure your Dio Node is connected to a Wi-Fi network with an active internet connection.

Perform an Update

    1. Press and hold all three buttons on Dio Node for 2 seconds.
    2. The speaker’s light will begin flashing white as it checks for updates.
    3. Note: If it has the latest update it will continue flashing white for a few minutes and eventually stop.
    4. If it finds an update, the speaker’s light will eventually begin blinking green. It will then go through a sequence of color changes for several minutes as it updates. Please do not unplug the speaker during this process.
    5. Once the light turns off, Dio Node has successfully completed the update.