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Dio Node has two limitations that you should be aware of before you purchase:

(1) It is designed for Apple devices and has limited functionality for Android and other devices.

(2) It cannot play audio classified as “voice calls” or “system sounds” in iOS (e.g phone calls, FaceTime calls, notification sounds, etc.). Dio Node can play any other type of audio content from your phone to your speakers, though, with no app restrictions!

Absolutely! Dio Node is a completely modular system. You can add more Nodes to your home whenever you want to.

Yes! Any (and we repeat, ANY) compatible Apple devices in your home will be able to connect to your speakers after you set it up – no extra steps required!

Whether it’s your spouse’s phone or your second phone, as long as they are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your speakers, they will be able to play from them.

There is no limit. Place as many speakers as you want wherever you want in your home. After that, just pick and choose which ones you want to play from at any time. It’s that simple.


We had a bug in our early firmware releases where Dio Node would not show up on the Wi-Fi menu of your phone for setup while the light was flashing red. To fix this, simply press the (+) and (-) buttons together until the light flashes multi-color. It will then begin flashing red again. After refreshing your phone’s Wi-Fi settings page, you should see the Dio Node appear for setup.

For any other setup issues, press the middle and (+) buttons together to factory reset your device. This will allow you to set up the speaker again as new. The speaker light will flash white as it resets and reboots. After it boots up, you can follow all setup instructions as per the user manual.

This usually means there was an error while the speaker was booting up or getting set up on Wi-Fi.

First, unplug your speaker for 5 minutes and then plug it back in again. Once it boots up (LED stops blinking white), try to connect to it to see if the issue persists.

If that doesn’t work, do a factory reset on the speaker by holding the middle and (+) buttons together. The speaker will flash multi-color, then start blinking white as it resets and reboots. Set it back up on your Wi-Fi network once it starts blinking red, then try to play audio from it.

If the issue still persists, contact Dio Support using the form above.

Sometimes, if there is a sudden network issue, power failure, or other issue, your speaker may be disconnected from your network.

To fix this problem, simply unplug your speaker for 5 minutes, then plug it back in. The speaker should automatically rejoin your network upon booting up.

If the problem persists, please contact Dio Support.

This issue usually arises if your Node does not have a stable connection to your network.

We may have solved this issue with a firmware update to improve reliability, so first please check if your speaker has updates available. You can do this by pressing all three buttons together until the light flashes multi-color. The light will then flash white as it searches for available updates, and if it finds an update it will start flashing green as it downloads and installs the update. The LED may go through a cycle of colors as it goes through different stages of updating, and will finally start blinking white as it reboots after updating.

If that does not solve the issue, make sure your Node is located in an area with strong Wi-Fi signal and an open space with minimal obstructions around it.

If you have an older router or many Wi-Fi devices connected to your network, it is also possible that your router is overloaded with too many connections. Consider disconnecting other devices in your home from Wi-Fi or upgrading your network.

Please contact Dio Support for detailed support for your use case.

Don’t worry! This one’s an easy fix.

Just plug your speaker back in to power and let it boot up. If the LED starts flashing green or blue automatically, let it continue doing so until it stops. This means the speaker is resuming the upgrade.

If the light is red or if you are having other connectivity issues after upgrading, you may need to do a factory reset of your device and set it up again as new. You can do so by pressing the middle and (+) buttons on the speaker together. The speaker will flash white as it resets and reboots, then start flashing red when it is ready for you to set it up on Wi-Fi.

No, performing a factory reset of your speaker will not revert or roll-back the firmware version. If you have updated your speaker since receiving it, doing a factory reset will keep the speaker at the latest update, but clear out its memory so that it can be set up again like a new speaker. Any updates to improve the speaker’s reliability, security, and performance will still be in place.


We completely understand that this is a huge limiter for many people that are excited about our product. We are so sorry for that and are doing our best to find a good solution for Android.

Unfortunately, we found that the Android OS has limitations on streaming audio to speakers via Wi-Fi, and addressing these limitations would substantially impact the versatility and cost of our product.

In the meantime, we have discussed some options to enable a limited experience on Android in our How It Works page.

Dio doesn’t work with TVs, but it does work with Apple TV Generation 4 and later.

The best way to check if your Apple TV is compatible is by going to its settings and checking the software version. If it has tvOS 11.4 or later, then you’re good to go!

Dio Node is indeed compatible with any other AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, including speakers from every top brand.

We’ve done our best to create a comprehensive list organized by price. You can check it out by clicking here.

Dio Node works with Sonos and other speakers through Apple AirPlay. However, Dio Node cannot be added to the Sonos app (or any other speaker app). If you want to play through both Dio and Sonos at the same time, simply open up your AirPlay menu like you normally would to play on Dio, and click on the Sonos speakers listed there as well.

Smart Home

Yes, you can.

We have no microphones inside our speaker, so Node itself will not receive voice commands. However, you have the option to set up Dio Node on the Apple Home app, which will then allow you to use Siri on your iPhone, HomePods, or other Apple devices to control your Dio speakers.

Voice commands include pausing/playing speakers in different rooms, playing audio from Pandora or Apple Music on certain speakers, and probably a few other things we haven’t thought to try.

Yes, but it’s completely optional! You have the option to set up Dio Node on the Apple Home app to unlock additional features. This includes using Siri to control your speakers, creating speaker group presets, setting up home automations for your speakers, and more.

Echo Dots and Nest Minis are great for setting up a smart home, but are limited when it comes to audio. To use them as a multi-room audio system, you can only use a handful of compatible apps (for example, neither can play Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, or Facebook Live) and they need internet connectivity to function, creating a privacy risk for your home. Those issues, plus the speakers’ poor sound quality, make them fine for smart home control, but Dio Node wins out for a robust and private home audio experience.

Company & Policies

No, we are not related to the anime villain or the hard rock singer! We called ourselves Dio because we’re on a mission to make audio simple, since technology these days makes it more and more complex to simply listen to the things you like, wherever you like, hassle-free. And what better way to make audio simple than to make the word itself simple. AuDio, that’s us!

We offer all our customers a free 60-day return policy for Dio Node.

We know you’ll absolutely love the Dio experience in your home, but we also know it’s hard to gauge a speaker without hearing it yourself. So try Dio Node risk-free for 60 days (from the date of delivery), and in the unlikely event you do wish to return it, we’ll give you a free return and a full refund.

Read more about our return policy here.

We are currently only shipping to the United States.

However, our product has been certified in Canada and Europe as well, so we hope to begin expanding soon!

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