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Connect to multiple speakers


Cast from multiple devices


Play anything from your phone
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What makes us awesome


We’re really simple to use

Set up our Wi-Fi speakers in under a minute and connect to them in seconds. Then, just play anything from your phone. It’s that simple.


We can do everything

Connect to multiple speakers? Check. Cast from multiple devices? Check. Optional smart home features? Check. We do it all.


We care about your privacy

We designed our speakers without microphones or voice assistants built-in. We also have better network security than smart speakers. At the end of the day, we just want you to enjoy your listening experience without worrying about anything listening back.

Alexa can’t play your favorite apps? Dio can!

While other smart speakers only allow you to use a small selection of audio apps, our unique Wi-Fi technology lets you play anything directly from your phone to any number of speakers - apps, websites, videos, and more!

Just set up our speakers on Wi-Fi and start playing directly from your phone. It’s that simple.

No extra app or account needed

We designed Dio to be so seamless that it can integrate directly with the devices and apps you already use without extra steps. With Apple AirPlay, we integrate directly into your iPhone’s Control Center. We also use Universal Plug & Play to integrate with other devices.

This means we don’t require you to download a Dio App or create an account to start using our speakers.

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Anyone on your Wi-Fi can connect in seconds

Not feeling your roommate's podcast? Then just play your own in another room.

It’s easy for housemates and guests to use your Nodes - even at the same time. All they need to do is connect their device to your home's Wi-Fi.

Uncompromising Security

Because privacy matters to us

  • No microphones.
  • No voice assistants.
  • Just a simple speaker.

Have the comfort of enjoying your audio everywhere with nothing listening back.

Dio exploded view

Revolutionary Sound Quality

Hear what you’ve been missing

Dio Node is lossless, which means we sound clearer than any Bluetooth speaker out there. We've also consistently rated better than Echo Dot and Nest Mini. Instead of Bluetooth, we use next generation Wi-Fi technology that makes sure audio quality is never lost during transmission.

Our Specs


iPhone/iPad: iOS 11.4 or later

Apple TV: tvOS 11.4 or later

May be compatible with other devices via 3rd party software. Click here to learn more.


Apple AirPlay 2 & HomeKit


Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz

No Bluetooth compatibility


Stereo Separation: Mono

SNR Ratio: 85 dB (A-rated)

Frequency Range

20-220 Hz up to 60 dB

0.22-20 kHz up to 85dB


Passive bass tube built in


Device Input: 5V 2A

Connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel

Cord & Adapter

Input: 100-240V

Cord: 59 in. (1.5 m)


Height: 4 in. (102mm)

Width: 4 in. (102 mm)

Depth: 1.5 in. (38 mm)


0.49lbs (222.6 grams)

What’s Included

Power adapter with cord

User guide

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Stories From Our Community

We love our Dio Nodes! No more constant pausing my audio to go grab something from the other room. Not to mention I don’t have to walk over to turn on the speaker every time I want to use it. It’s always ready to go, and it’s so convenient.


I am enjoying so much more music and audio in my house since getting Dio set up. Controlling the audio room by room is a dream. The speakers are great quality and super easy to use. Definitely get these for yourself and everyone in your family!


I recently purchased the Dio Node and I couldn't be happier! My wife and I love it because we're finally able to play music and podcasts throughout our apartment from just one app. We've always wanted a system like this but assumed it would be too much hassle or money. It's the simplest multi-room speaker system out there!


I purchased a Dio 3 pack for myself and liked them so much I purchased 7 more to give for Christmas gifts! Out of the box easy set up and great sound. I’m confident there will be some additional Dio Nodes in my future!


There is no limit. Place as many speakers as you want wherever you want in your home. After that, just pick and choose which ones you want to play from at any time. It’s that simple.

Yes, but it’s completely optional! You have the option to set up Dio Node on the Apple Home app to unlock additional features. This includes using Siri to control your speakers, creating speaker group presets, setting up home automations for your speakers, and more.

Absolutely! Dio is a completely modular system. You can add more Nodes to your home whenever you want to.

We initially designed Dio Node for iOS because it allows us to offer a completely versatile experience to listen to any audio app on any number of speakers straight from the iOS Control Center (without ever having to download an extra app to control the speakers).

We want to bring a similar experience to Android in the future, but due to some limitations with the OS, we can currently offer a limited experience on Android. You can read more about the limitations in our How It Works page.

We are also hard at work getting Spotify Connect enabled for our speakers, which will allow Spotify Premium users to cast their audio directly from the Spotify app to the speakers, including from Android devices.

Dio doesn’t work with TVs, but it does work with Apple TV Generation 4 and later.


The best way to check if your Apple TV is compatible is by going to its settings and checking the software version. If it has tvOS 11.4 or later, then you’re good to go!

Like other smart speakers and Wi-Fi speakers, Dio Node does not have a battery and is not portable. Dio Node was created so that you wouldn’t have to charge or carry around extra devices in order to listen to your audio. With Dio, you have the freedom to listen across your entire home without a second thought.


That being said, we’re always happy to offer recommendations for external battery packs and cables to make your Dio Node more portable. Just email us at

We offer all our customers a free 60-day return policy for Dio Node.

We know you’ll absolutely love the Dio experience in your home, but we also know it’s hard to gauge a speaker without hearing it yourself. So try Dio Node risk-free for 60 days (from the date of delivery), and in the unlikely event you do wish to return it, we’ll give you a free return and a full refund.

We are currently only shipping to the United States.

However, our product has been certified in Canada and Europe as well, so we hope to begin expanding soon!