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We're the easiest and most affordable way to have audio throughout your home.

Dio Node Speaker with iPhone

We're here to make listening easy

Isn’t audio amazing? With audio, you can access the world without ever having to spare your eyes, your attention, or even your time! We created Dio Node speakers to unlock the full potential of audio. Finally, you can listen in one place or many, through one speaker or many, all in an affordable and easy way.

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Our speakers don’t require an app to use. Just connect and listen!


A 3-pack for just $239 - that’s 60% cheaper than a Sonos One SL!


Connect as many speakers as you want, anywhere you want.

And so much more!

Learn more about what makes our Dio Node speakers so special, from privacy to versatility to everything else.

From The Blog

What Our Beta Testers Are Saying About Sound Quality

We make a lot of claims about our sound quality being "lossless" by theory, but today we're going to see what exactly our beta testers are saying about our sound quality. This will be a fully honest review of our sound quality so that you know exactly what you're getting from our Indiegogo launch!

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Dio: A Home Audio System That’s Private AND Smart

"Smart home" and "smart speakers" have become big buzzwords nowadays, but what do they really mean? They've become synonymous with voice assistants and 5G-internet. However, when it comes to setting up a home audio system that you can control at your fingertips, you really don't need either. In fact, I'll posit that having a microphone-free, completely network secure audio system...

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Ready for Dio?

If you’re excited about the Dio Node, get started with our 3-pack for just $239.

*Dio speakers are exclusively made for Apple devices

*AirPlay and all associated trademarks and technologies are the property of Apple Inc. and licensed to Dio Technologies, Inc. for use in approved audio devices.