Dio Router Configurations

Dio Router Configurations

Unlock the full potential of your music streaming experience with Dio Router Configurations. We understand the importance of seamless connectivity and optimal performance, which is why we recommend following these simple steps to enhance your Wi-Fi streaming.

  • Embrace the Power of Bridge Mode
  • When using a third-party router or mesh system like Google or eero, maximize your network efficiency by placing your ISP router in "Bridge Mode." This eliminates any potential conflicts and ensures smooth streaming.

  • Harness the Strength of Separation
  • To optimize your network's performance, separate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands and assign them unique SSID's. This segregation guarantees a dedicated and uninterrupted music streaming experience.

  • Embrace Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
  • Activate the UPnP feature on your router to effortlessly connect and communicate with compatible devices. Enjoy hassle-free music streaming without the need for manual configurations.

  • Access Points Made Easy
  • If you're using access points, ensure smooth device connectivity and seamless playback by disabling "AP Isolation" or "Client Isolation." This ensures all your devices work harmoniously together.

  • Embrace the Magic of Multicasting
  • Enable multicast functionality on your router, taking into account the unique terminologies used by different router companies. This ensures efficient data transfer and improves overall performance.

  • Apple Users Rejoice
  • For Apple device users, enable "Bonjour" or "ZeroConf Discovery" to effortlessly discover and connect to compatible devices within your network. Unlock a world of Apple ecosystem integration.

  • Streamlined IPv4 Experience
  • To streamline your music streaming experience, disable IPv6 and rely solely on IPv4 for improved compatibility and stability.

  • Embrace the Power of IGMP
  • Activate the "IGMP" (Internet Group Management Protocol) feature on your router to enhance multicast data transmission and optimize your music streaming experience.

    Remember, for a seamless experience across your entire network, ensure that managed switches and access point controllers follow the same network suggestions as detailed above.

    Specific Product Suggestions:


    • Enable "Multicast Passthrough"
    • Ensure "UPnP" and "Bonjour Client" are enabled


    • Disable "Whole Home Wi-Fi"
    • Separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands


    • Enable "UPnP"
    • Disable "IPv6"
    • Enable "Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming"
    • Place ISP router in "Bridge Mode"

    Google (Wifi or Nest Wifi):

    • Place ISP router in "Bridge Mode"
    • Follow instructions at [link] to enable bridge mode on your ISP-provided modem/router


    • In Firewall settings, uncheck "Filter Multicast"
    • Enable "IGMP Snooping"


    • Enable "IGMP Snooping" and "Unregistered IPMCv4 Flooding" (managed switches)
    • Enable "UPnP" (managed switches)

    Netgear (NightHawk or Orbi):

    • Enable "IGMP Proxying"
    • Enable "UPnP" and increase "Advertisement time to live in hops" to at least 10
    • For Orbi mesh system, place ISP router in "Bridge Mode"
    • Follow instructions at [link] to enable Universal Plug and Play on your Nighthawk router


    • Check "Enable Bonjour Gateway on AP"


    • Enable "UPnP"
    • Adjust "Advertisement Time To Live" to at least 10 hops
    • Disable "IPv6"
    • Change the DNS server from ISP Default to Google's ( and
    • Uncheck "Same as 2.4GHz" under 5GHz

    Ubiquiti UniFi:

    Change the following settings from their default to:

    • WiFi - Disable “Band Steering”
    • Network - Enable “IGMP Snooping"
    • Internet - Enable "UPnP"

    Confirm the following settings:

    • WiFi - "Multicast Management" should be enabled
    • WiFi - "Multicast and Broadcast Control" should be disabled
    • WiFi - "Client Device Isolation" should be disabled
    • Networks - "Multicast DNS" should be enabled
    • Networks - "IPv6" should be disabled or set to "None"
    • Internet - "IPv6 Connection" should be disabled


    • Advanced Tab -> Device Discovery -> Change "Time To Live" from 5 to 10 hops
    • Advanced Tab -> Device Discovery -> Enable "Zero Config"
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