Let’s make listening easy!

We designed Dio Node to be the easiest, most flexible, and most private home audio system out there.

Trust us to be simple

  • Easy Setup
    Our simple setup process takes under a minute. No technical expertise needed.
  • Easy to Use
    You don’t need to download an extra app to use these speakers! Simply access them directly from your iPhone’s control panel, and tap the ones you want to start or stop playing from. It’s that easy.
  • Full Privacy
    Dio Node has no built-in microphones and does not require a voice assistant to use.
  • Fits Anywhere
    We specially designed Dio Node to fit any part of your home. The size, form, and color were created to blend in with the woods, whites, and blacks of your decor.
  • AirPlay-Enabled
    Dio Node works directly with Apple AirPlay 2, integrating seamlessly with your Apple devices.

Versatile for all your needs

  • Multi-Speaker
    There’s no limit to the number of speakers you can connect together.
  • Multi-User
    Anyone in your home can use your speakers with their devices, and it doesn’t require any extra steps or complex pairing processes to do so.
  • Plays Anything
    Alexa can’t play your favorite apps? Well, we can! We don’t limit you to only a few audio apps. Play any audio from your devices, including from web browsers, social media, or anywhere else you like to listen.
  • Lossless Audio
    Our next-generation Wi-Fi technology ensures audio quality is never lost during transmission. Our speakers sound clearer than any Bluetooth speaker on the market.
  • Works with Other Brands
    No need to throw out your current audio setup. Dio Node is compatible with over 100 other speakers. Mix and match your home audio to fit your exact preferences.
  • Additional Smart Features
    You have the option to enable additional smart features through Apple HomeKit, such as using Siri on your Apple devices to control Dio Node, setting up home automations for your speakers, and much more.

Important Notices

  • Requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.4 or later for setup.

  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection. Dio Node does not operate over Bluetooth.

  • Designed for Apple devices. Functionality is limited on Android, Windows, and other devices. Click here to learn more.

  • Cannot play audio from voice calls or system sounds. If a particular app does not stream through Dio Node, it is because the audio is classified as a voice call or system sound by the developer.