Black Friday - Our Best Deal of the Year - Details

Black Friday - Our Best Deal of the Year - Details

Wow is it the middle of November already? This is Akarsh with our monthly Dio Newsletter! Hope everyone is staying warm & safe as winter gets closer.

I'm writing this newsletter today to let you, dear reader, in on a secret - while our Holiday Sale has already begun, we're going to have our Best Sale of the Year coming up on Black Friday! We haven't run a deal this low any other time this year, and we don't plan to again except for extra special occasions. And what better occasion than to celebrate Dio Node's first ever Black Friday sale!

So here are the details:

  • We're offering a whopping 38% OFF our multi-packs (~$55 per speaker)
  • That means over $170 OFF our 5-pack for just $279
  • And also over $100 OFF our 3-pack for just $167
  • Not to mention 30% OFF our 1-packs for just $63
  • The sale will run only from Friday, November 24 to Sunday, November 27 - Black Friday weekend only!

If you want to receive an email reminder when our Black Friday sale begins, just sign up here.


With that, let's get to the newsletter...


YouTube Reviews Keep Growing!

Our YouTube reviews keep growing each month, and they continue to stay extremely positive! Check out the latest here:


Slimothy calls us the "one of the most unique and innovative speakers we've reviewed on this channel" with quotes like "this is easier than Bluetooth, which is crazy to say" and "they've really engineered these to sound good". Check it out!

Jimbo Suson:

We sent Jimbo a 3-pack to get a full review of the good and the bad of Dio. We love that he spends time highlighting our strengths and our limitations, but especially thrilled that he still rated us "more balanced than the Google Home Mini". Check it out!


Giveaway Winner Announced!

We're so excited to announce the winner of our first ever giveaway, which we co-hosted with YouTuber Milledge Austin! A huge congrats to Nicky Davis for winning a 3-Pack that is now on its way!


Optimize Your Router for Dio Node

Recently, we put together this quick guide to optimize your router for Dio Node. The guide gives general instructions for most routers, as well as specific instructions for 10 of the most popular router brands in the US. Feel free to check it out!

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