Dio Newsletter - December Holiday Edition

Dio Newsletter - December Holiday Edition

Hello friends! This is Akarsh with the 2023 Holiday Edition of our Dio Newsletter.

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! For anyone who hasn't run a consumer business during Black Friday & Cyber Monday in the US, let me tell you...it is a real eye opener. I feel like I learned just as much about being an entrepreneur in the last two weeks as I have over the last few years. But the great news is that we had a ton of sales and even did it profitably. And with sales continuing to grow strong, we are well on track to having 5,000 households with Dio Nodes by the end of this year!

Before we dive into today's newsletter, I just wanted to give a quick reminder that our Holiday Sale ends on December 16. However, if you are looking to order Dio Node as a Christmas gift, we highly recommend ordering before December 8 (this Friday) to ensure we can deliver on time. Our shipping carriers (USPS & UPS) have informed us that they will have delayed service due to the holiday rush so we just can't guarantee that the product will arrive before Christmas if ordered after December 8.

With that, let's get to the newsletter:


Missed the last newsletter? Check it out here, where we talked about our YouTube reviews, announced our first Dio Node giveaway, and published our optimal router settings guide.


Our Partnership with Breo Box

If any of you are subscribed to Breo Box, the country's leading curated subscription box for tech gadgets, you might have noticed a surprise announcement a few weeks back where Breo Box unveiled Dio Node as one of the "hero products" of their upcoming holiday gift box this December.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, we can finally share the story, too. Yes, Dio Node is getting featured in the upcoming Breo Box subscription gadget box this December! As the story goes, I connected with one of the cofounders of Breo Box, Chadi, earlier this summer and introduced our little speaker. Soon after sending some samples, Chadi and his cofounder Aleks reached right back out and asked to feature us in their holiday box this year. (I believe Aleks' exact words were "I love this little speaker, it fit in seamlessly with my Sonos ecosystem!  And sounds great."). What's more, they even offered to give Dio Node the coveted spot of the first product unveil of the season.

With that and a LOT of operations and logistics magic, we managed to prepare Dio Node for the Breo Box in time for their upcoming holiday box. (For those of you who don't know much about consumer electronics manufacturing, this was a feat indeed within the given time!).

Unfortunately, Breo Box customers will only get a single Dio Node in their box this holiday, but hopefully they'll eventually upgrade to the magic of multi-room to see just how seamless we've made home audio! Either way, it's been an honor partnering with Breo Box for Dio Node's first holiday season!


Calling All Customer Reviews!

We're incredibly proud of the product we've built and the incredible response from YouTubers, customers, and other partners like Breo Box. However, we could really use your help to write a customer review on our website. Customer reviews really help small companies like ours grow and future customers understand more about our product. With so many people using and loving Dio Node at this point, we could use your help showing your experiences to the world.

If you've purchased Dio Nodes and enjoy using them, you can write a review on our product page here.

We carefully ensure our website reviews come only from genuine customers and NOT paid or unauthentic users. That means we could use the help of all our customers to add their experiences to the site to better help future customers know what to expect.

And, of course, if anyone is having issues or feedback about Node, please do drop us a message at support@dioconnect.com.


We've Been Featured - IoT For All 2023 Gift Guide

One of the other things we've been featured in over the last few weeks was the IoT For All 2023 Gift Guide. This now makes 2 seasons in a row that we've been featured in gift guides, including The Review Wire's Fall Gift Guide two months ago! (And yes, we can confirm that both gift guides were completely unpaid - they just loved the product!)

What's especially exciting about the latest gift guide feature is that we edged out Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ for 3rd place on the latest guide. I'll try not to let that get to my head too much but it's certainly a mark of pride! Ryan, the co-creator of the publication, personally reviewed the products and had this to say about Dio Node: "Being able to find an expansive, easy-to-use product that works seamlessly around the entire house has brought a new level of fun to our household!"

We're honored for the feature in this year's holiday gift guide!

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