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March Newsletter - We've Got Merch!

Hi Dio Fans! This is Akarsh from Dio and I'm back this month with more fun updates about our company.

First and foremost, as the subject line announced, we now have merch! Those of you who participated in our Indiegogo campaign a few years ago may remember our limited edition audio merch that we gave away with the speakers. Well, after popular demand, we finally have them listed on our website for purchase! The t-shirts are softer, the selection has expanded, and all of the art was personally designed by my own incredibly talented wife: the one and only Alena Smith. We've got something for every kind of audio lover out there, so check it out on our website now!

With that, let's get to the newsletter:


Missed the last newsletter? Check it out here, where we talked about our partnership with Breo Box and our feature in IoT For All.


Merch Is Now Live On Our Webstore!

As I mentioned above, we finally got our merch live and running on our webstore! We have six different design collections, each of which represents a fun attitude for audio lovers across the spectrum of podcast, audiobook, and music fans. We've even improved the selection since our Indiegogo merch giveaway: softer t-shirts, a wider variety of colors, and even some new designs altogether.

  • Can't peel your ears out of your audiobooks? Get the "Why Read When You Can Listen?" t-shirt and display it proudly on the subway!
  • Are podcasts part of your morning routine? Get a "Peace, Love, & Podcasts" coffee mug.
  • Got your home set for parties with Dio speakers in every corner? Then get a "I Keep My Music Everywhere" phone case to keep the music loud and proud across your house!

All of our collections feature a design on your choice of mug, phone case, or t-shirt. You can check out all six collections here!


By the Numbers: Our First 12 Months In Market

Dio Node just passed its 1-year birthday and we couldn't be prouder! The first year in market is a very important one, especially for a new company trying to bring an innovative product to market. We wanted to see just how well Dio Node would perform through a variety of important, early signals to determine if we really did our jobs right to bring a simple, easy-to-use solution for audio across the home.

Since one of our company's core values is to Build Out Loud, we're excited to peel back the curtain and share these numbers with you all today so that you can be a part of our journey.

  • From a sales standpoint, we sold over 5,000 Dio Nodes last year to thousands of households across the country! What's more, we actually saw almost 6% of our customers return to purchase more Nodes within the first few months of purchasing, with several households now owning more than 10 Nodes in their home.
  • Sales and returning customers were not our only metrics to track the strength of our product-market fit. We were also very eager to see what the product return rate would look like once people had a chance to experience Dio Node. As you may know, we have a generous 60-day return policy. What you may not know is that, for most consumer electronics products with 30-day return policies, the average order return rate is 8.28%. Dio Node currently sits at under 3.50% - significantly lower than the national average despite having significantly more flexible return options.
  • To date, we have also received 34 organic customer reviews, nearly all at 5-stars (except for one review at 4-stars that we highly recommend everyone go read!).
  • We were also featured in over 20 (completely unpaid) YouTube videos, gift guides, and blogs with consistently positive remarks about our product!

We're gearing up for another amazing year for Dio Node this year and hope to spread the word even faster and wider about our strong product!


Our Latest Tech Review from Freaky Tech Reviews

We've been picked up by yet another YouTube reviewer who loved the Dio Node samples we sent in! Corey from Freaky Tech Reviews published a raving video about our speakers, saying "they do what so many companies fail to, which is to simplify the listening experience and focus on the purpose of a speaker instead of bloating it with features that most people don't need." We're thrilled to have yet another fan of our product and excited keep the enthusiasm growing!


And that's it for our March Newsletter, folks! Have a great Easter, Holi, Eid, and Passover to our fans across the world!

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