Long Time, No Newsletter!

Long Time, No Newsletter!

It's been a long time since I've written a Dio newsletter! For those who are new to our mailing list: Hello! I'm Akarsh, the founder of Dio. For those returning, I know it's been a while (since the Indiegogo campaign, maybe?) and I am so excited to update you on all the goings-on with Dio!

To set up some expectations on these newsletters, I'll probably be sending one of these out every 2-4 weeks from now on (whatever makes sense to update the community about the latest developments). However, if that's too much for you, you can click "Manage Preferences" at the footer of this email and choose to just be notified about discounts or key updates. You can also follow us on Threads, Instagram, and Facebook where we are going to start posting all of these updates as well.

(And if you are reading this on our blog, you can subscribe to our newsletter here)

As special thank-you to all of you who have stayed on our mailing list despite my long hiatus (and for those who have recently joined), I decided to create a special discount at the bottom of the email. Thanks for being our fans!


9 Months of Dio Node

This past year since we launched Dio Node has been incredible. We're now on track to having Dio speakers in over 5,000 homes by the end of this year and have even been recently featured in our first YouTube reviews! (You can watch them here and here). We've also squashed tons of bugs based on customer feedback with four major firmware releases, so if you have our speakers and haven't updated them yet, make sure to do so. The response to our product has been absolutely incredible this year, with way lower than expected return rates, tons of postive notes in our inbox, and consistent positive customer reviews posted on our site.

What I've been particularly excited about is that we finally (finally!) nailed our website's look & feel. If you haven't checked us out in a while, please do check out our new website and explore all our various pages, where you can find dynamic information and lots of new imagery of Dio Node. Our home page also has new animations that show you exactly how our speakers work in various scenarios.

After hearing from customers that wanted to gift Dio Nodes to their friends and family, we also decided to launch our Share-A-Dio program, where you can give $10 off to a friend for their first Dio Node and get $10 off your next one in return. We love giving back to our Dio fans, so definitely sign up if you plan to share us with friends!

Last but not least, we've also been working on getting more videos, guides, and information available about Dio Node. Whether you're an existing customer looking for support with the device, or a curious techie that wants to know more before buying, you can check out our new Support portal to access Dio's user manuals, FAQs, and (coming soon) video guides.


Exciting Things in the Pipeline

We are also very excited to share about some things in our pipeline.

First and foremost, we are excited to announce that Dio Node will be Spotify Connect compatible before the end of the year! That's right, Spotify users will be able to connect to any or all Dio Nodes in their home directly from the Spotify app, on all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

We're also starting to pilot some programs for Dio in Airbnbs, restaurants, and realty. If you're an Airbnb host, restaurant owner, or realtor, you're welcome to reply right back on this email if you'd like to participate in our pilot programs for these areas!


Our Ask to You

With so much progress and momentum for Dio over this year, we'd like to ask for your support on a few things. As a new, small, California-based company going against the global giants of the audio world, the support of our Dio fans really helps push us a long way! Here are our asks for you:

  1. If you've already purchased Dio speakers, we'd be thrilled to have your product review on our website (scroll halfway down the page to "Reviews" and click "Write a Review"). Customer reviews go a long way to showing future customers that we won't disappoint them, and all our reviews are 100% authentic from real customers who paid for the product.
  2. If you haven't yet purchased our speakers, we'd love to hear what's stopping you. You can reply directly to this email with feedback for us. We promise to take it seriously so we can continue launching and improving products that meet your needs!
  3. If you're a customer with any issues with the speaker, please write to support@dioconnect.com. I often personally monitor and respond to this inbox, so we definitely take our support for you very seriously. We've already made huge improvements to our firmware from our early customer feedback and we would love to continue doing so!
  4. Please share Dio with all your friends, family, and neighbors and sign up for our Share-A-Dio program. With nearly 5000 households using our product already, we know that there are people out there who have been looking for a solution like Dio Node for a while. But as a new company, they probably don't know about us yet. Once you sign up for the Share-A-Dio program, you'll be able to share Dio on socials, through email, or even verbally with a personalized discount code.
  5. Follow us on social! You can find us on  Threads, Instagram, and Facebook where we're going to be posting more about our journey and maybe even do a giveaway or few 😉.


Hope you enjoyed the latest newsletter! Feel free to continue checking out our latst blogs here for cool tips on AirPlay, audio, and more. And, of course, happy jamming!



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