Dio Newsletter - October 25, 2023

Dio Newsletter - October 25, 2023

Happy Wednesday and happy almost-Halloween! This is Akarsh bringing you another newsletter packed with updates about our Dio journey.

The few weeks since our last newsletter have been extremely eventful for our little team:

Not bad!

And if you missed our last newsletter, you can catch it here where we talked about our Share-A-Dio program, new website, and new support portal for customers.

Read on to get all the details on this and more. And, of course, don't hesitate to write us back directly on this email if you have questions, concerns, or just want to say hi =)


Dio Node 3-Pack Giveaway

After doing his first YouTube review on Dio Node, Milledge reached out to us at Dio with an idea for a giveaway. Apparently, he loved the product so much that he wanted to purchase an additional 3-pack to be his first ever giveaway on his channel. Of course, with that level of enthusiasm, we had to volunteer the 3-pack for free and decided to co-host the giveaway!

So how do you participate? Just watch Milledge's newest video here where he explains all the details. The giveaway is open until October 31. Best of luck, Dio fans!


Our First Product Photoshoot

So we've been sitting on this for a while now, actually, but we were just waiting for the right moment to unveil it. That time has finally come! Earlier this month, we unveiled the first image from our first ever Dio Node product photoshoot. Over the rest of the year, we're going to continue unveiling photos from this photoshoot on our Instagram account in commemoration of the first year of Dio Node!

So why is this so special to us? Well last year another Dio fan & photography student, Ben Akers, reached out to us offering to do a photoshoot for Dio Node because he loved the product concept. Since then, the speakers have, of course, already become commercially available, but the photos were so good that we wanted to reveal them in a special occasion. With our one year mark coming up at the end of the year, we wanted to finally unveil these images to celebrate Dio Node!

Keep an eye on our Instagram account for the special photo drops throughout the next few months. And a huge thanks to Ben Akers for the amazing photography!


New YouTube Reviews about Dio Node

Ever since the first two YouTubers posted videos reviewing Dio Node last month, our popularity among the YouTuber community has skyrocketed. We've now had four more channels post reviews about Dio Node in addition to previous YouTuber Milledge Austin's new sound test video for Dio Node:


Firmware Update 1.0.3

We also released a new firmware update on September 19 which greatly improves the stability of our firmware update process. That's right, it's a firmware update to improve firmware updates! If you have a Node at home and haven't updated it since September 19, please go ahead and do so to make sure future updates install more smoothly. And, of course, if you ever run into issues, please contact our support and we'll make sure to get to you right away.


That's it for this time, folks! Happy jamming!




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